Corporate and Financial law

Keijzer & Cie is an independent law firm, specialising in contract law, corporate law and financial law.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced lawyers, who have gained unique expertise with leading international law firms and through high-profile in-house positions in the financial services industry. We have the flexibility to truly meet our clients’ demands and to adapt to the fast changing regulatory world. Our clients value our hand-on pragmatic approach in providing tailor-made solutions. They entrust us with solving complex matters in our areas of expertise.

We are admitted to the Dutch Bar (Nederlandse orde van Advocaten) and the International Bar Association and the Dutch association of Financial Law.

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Servicing the legal need of our clients and ensuring that mutual expectations are clearly expressed and put down in writing is the core of our firm. We are focused that processes run smoothly and effective. This serves to keep business relationships aligned and helps our clients to take care of their financial interests and mitigate risk.


Our clients value our creativeness and decisiveness. By looking at things from a different perspective, we offer our clients practical, lucid and stimulating insights and answers. Having a broader view allows you to continue with your business more quickly and with more confidence.


We are an independent law firm, fully focused on your interests and needs. While retaining the personal touch, we are result driven, with a focus on providing practical and workable solutions that are immediately applicable to your organisation.


Dutch Corporate Governance Code - updated

On 20 December 2022 the Dutch Corporate Governance Code has been updated, which can be downloaded here. In the new code the directors are responsible for sustainable long term value creation and should have a policy for diversity and inclusion in place and be compliant therewith.

Temporary clearing exemption derivatives for pension funds ends

Pension funds may still benefit from the temporary clearing exemption with respect to derivatives pursuant to Section 89, lid 1 EU EMIR (as amended in EMIR Refit) but this temporary exemption shall end on 19 June 2023. Please click here to read more.

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Please click here to read our contribution to the International Comparative Legal Guides - Derivatives 2022.

Increase of margin requirements under derivatives contracts

An increase of margin requirements under derivatives contracts as a consequence of an increase of interest rates leads to divesting of pension funds assets. Read more:

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

On 10 March 2021 the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation entered into force. De SFDR contains rules for financial market participants. To read more, please click here.

Our Expertise

We assist domestic and foreign corporates, founders, start-ups, scale-ups, family offices, investment managers, investors, financiers and private equity parties. We also assist mid and large pension funds and non-profit organisations. We are active in the following fields:

Corporate law
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We have considerable expertise in legal transaction management services, providing legal advice and drafting and conducting negotiations with respect to legal documentation. As your trusted business partner, we combine expertise and decisiveness with a sense of reality in order to obtain the best possible results.

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We help organisations to be compliant with fast changing EU and local ESG legislation. We conduct impact analyses, help you to prepare internal ESG policy and business processes, provide advice on governance issues, disclosures and transparency require-ments, undertake due diligence and draft and negotiate contracts throughout the value chain.

Financial law
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We fully understand the needs of our clients for realistic solutions and have considerable expertise in drafting and negotiating agreements and providing (strategic) advise. With our in-depth knowledge of the complex and evolving European financial regulatory landscape we are very well equipped in related matters.

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Clear commercial contracts are fundamental to your business success. We have expertise in providing legal advice, drafting and negotiating contracts. We understand the complex legal, financial and commercial interests involved and future risks. Our solutions are tailored to your particular needs.

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Having clear contracts and providing non-misleading information to your business partners helps to prevent disputes. Should a dispute arise, we have the expertise to analyse the issue and to provide excellent and pragmatic advice on strategy and litigation options. Many disputes can be resolved out of court, by arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.
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Under our label GREEN SWANS, we provide legal consultancy services. Green Swans is a dynamic network of dedicated legal consultants. Through Green Swans we are able to scale up and meet the demands of clients, whether for a certain period or on a structural basis depending on the particular needs and preferences.

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