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Our team has a great deal of knowledge of our client’s business and their industry and a thorough understanding and appreciation of how laws and regulations apply to and impact their business. We have not only gained extensive experience with leading international law firms but also within high profile in-house positions in the financial services industry.

services relate to providing legal advice, transaction management services, drafting and negotiating agreements and providing strategic advice with respect to financial, securities and corporate law as well as giving legal opinions. Also, we have extensive experience with litigation, arbitration and settlement negotiations in this field.

We have a broad network including various other (international) professionals, such as law firms, tax advisors, civil notaries, compliance officers and other experts so that we can ensure that every (cross border) matter is dealt with in the best possible way and that we are able to assist you with the implementing of new rules and legislation within your business.

Our extensive experience relates inter alia to:

Corporate lending and restructuring

  • Loan documentation (LMA) (Senior, Mezzanine and Subordinated debt
  • Securities (guarantees, charges and debentures)
  • Restructuring


  • Working capital
  • Guarantees/ letters of credit
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Alternative finance (crowd funding, subordinated debt, social impact financing)

Trading and custody

  • Central clearing
  • Custody
  • Listing and paying agency
  • Sale and purchase documentation of (exchange) traded securities

Corporate law

  • Shareholders agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Standstill agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Directors liability
  • Commercial agreements

Asset Management

  • Asset management agreements
  • Fiduciary management
  • Structuring of investment funds (UCITS/ AIF/ EuSEF/ EuVECA)
  • Financial products
  • Prime brokerage

Derivaten and securities lending

  • (OTC) derivatives (financial instruments and commodities) (ISDA/ Futures Account documentation) (EMIR and MIFID II)
  • Securities lending (GMSLA)
  • Repurchase agreements (GMRA)

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